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5 Tell-Tale Signs of Low Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is vital when it comes to hydraulic brake systems. It is necessary to create the pressure to slow down and stop your car. It all starts with the pressure you apply to the brake pedal. When this happens, fluid is released to create energy to stop your wheels from turning. Low or contaminated brake fluid can affect how long it takes for your vehicle to stop. 

Here are some common signs of bad brake fluid:

  • Leaky brake fluid puddle – Brake fluid is clear or slightly yellow (but still translucent). It can have a fishy smell.
  • Dirty brake fluid – You open the hood, and the brake fluid inside the tank looks discolored or dark.
  • Brake warning light comes on - If your brake warning light illuminates the dash, you should consider checking the brake fluid.
  • Spongy or mushy brake pedal - Does your brake pedal feel softer than usual? You should be familiar with how your brake pedal usually feels. If it tends to touch the floor, make sure you have your brake fluid checked.
  • Decrease in brake performance - Last but not least, you may need to apply the brakes sooner than usual due to bad brake fluid.

To avoid problems such as low or leaky brake fluid, we recommend having your entire brake system checked as a form of preventative maintenance. The more you’re informed of your brake’s condition, the more peace of mind you have driving on the road. If we spot that your brake fluid is deteriorating, we will recommend replacing it with clean and effective brake fluid. 

If your brake fluid is bad, please call or visit STR Automotive for quality brake fluid service.

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