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Fun Road Trip Games to Play with the Family

If you’re going to be hitting the roads with your family over the holidays, consider making it a one-to-remember. We’re sure your kids love their tablets and phones, but it is not like this kind of experience happens every day. This time around, we encourage you to let them use their imagination and play some fun games on the road. What better fun way to pass time sitting in traffic than playing some classic road trip games? Here are some of our favorites:

I Spy

A family-friendly class.  Somebody starts off with the phrase, “I spy with my little eye, something *insert descriptive word of choice here*”. The other players, or passengers, in the car have to look around and guess what the thing in sight is. 

Guess That Song 

Who doesn’t love to jam out to music on the road? You can play this game with any music of your choice, but you can even make it a holiday edition to get in the spirit of the holidays. On your car speakers, play a selection of songs. One person has to be the DJ, the person who picks the songs, while everyone else has to guess. Make sure no one peeks at the screen as it may display the title.

License Plate Game

This one is slightly less interactive, but it definitely has people on their toes and on the watch. The License Plate game is one where the entire car calls out when they’ve spotted a license plate from a different state. Whoever calls it out first, gets a tally. Whoever calls out the most number of state tags wins at the end of the road trip. 

Try to Classify

A category of your choice is picked – it can be sports, pop culture, movies, songs, Christmas things, etc. Everyone has to take turns naming something related to that category in a quick-fire style. If someone gets stumped, they are out. You continue this cycle until there is one last person left. 

We hope some of these ideas spark your interest in your upcoming holiday travels. If you are in need of a seasonal check-up for your car, SUV, or truck, feel free to stop by STR Automotive soon. Our team wishes you a happy holiday season and a happy new year

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