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How to Detect Failing Spark Plugs

Like many other vehicle parts, spark plugs eventually need restoring. The electrodes on each spark plug gradually wear down until they can’t produce the spark necessary to start your engine. While spark plug wear and tear is expected and anticipated with a correctly maintained engine, other factors such as engine overheating, dirty engine oil, and carbon buildup can cause spark plugs to wear prematurely.

The interval for which you replace spark plugs can vary depending on which kind is used. It can range anywhere between 30,000 to 100,000 miles. It would be best if you always referred to your owner's manual for model-specific guidance. If you're uncertain when you last replaced your spark plugs, it's okay. Your vehicle will display these common signs of worn-out spark plugs:

  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Engine Misfiring
  • Rough Idling and Vibrations
  • Rattling Noises
  • Slow or Sluggish Acceleration
  • Trouble Starting Car
  • Check Engine Light On

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, then it's undoubtedly time for you to come to STR Automotive to replace your spark plugs.

Can You Replace Your Spark Plugs At Home?

It is not advised to replace your own spark plugs at home. First off, spark plugs can be challenging to find and access. And there may be more than one spark plug per engine cylinder, depending on your car make/model. Without the proper information and professional experience, replacing your own spark plugs could take a turn and cause severe damages to your engine. Furthermore, you may accidentally strip the tiny threads on the spark plug when installing the fresh ones, leading to a bad spark plug and engine problems down the line.


At STR Automotive, we make all your car maintenance and repairs quick and simple. If your spark plugs are nearing the end of their life, we welcome you to give us a call at (704) 946-6211 or visit our shop in Mooresville, NC, today.

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