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How to Tell If You Battery or Alternator Is Causing Your Starting Problems

We’ve all been there – sitting in our cars and trying as hard as possible to get our engines to start up. Most people, at this point, will think that their battery is dead. Either way, you’re not having a good day.
If your vehicle won't start up or stay running, there’s a good chance that you are dealing with an electrical problem. However, the battery doesn’t only make up the system. Most car starting problems can be related to the battery or alternator.

Battery vs. Alternator

Car batteries are responsible for generating power to get your vehicle to start and run. The alternator resupplies the battery with power. The alternator also powers many vehicle accessories. Therefore, an alternator problem will most likely leave you with a drained battery.
To differentiate the two problems,here are the most common symptoms that point to a faulty alternator:

  • Car starting problems
  • Stalling
  • Issues with electronic accessories such as power windows, power locks, radio, wipers, and more
  • Dim or blinking headlights

On the other hand, here are the most common signs of a dying battery:

  • Car starting problems
  • Clicking sounds
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Physical defects on the battery or battery casing

To be completely certain whether your car's starting problems are due to the battery or alternator, please bring your vehicle to STR Automotive for testing. We utilize the best equipment and technology to run tests on your battery and alternator. 

If you require an alternator or battery replacement, we welcome you to STR Automotive today

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