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Things That Contribute to Premature Tire Wear

It's no mystery that driving a vehicle with worn-out tires is extremely dangerous for you and others. And the hazards are even more amplified in wet weather conditions. Regardless of the road surface, driving with bad tires can cause the tires to split or thin out and burst at high speeds.


When tires wear thin, they will not be able to grip the road correctly since the ridges have worn down. If it's worse enough, you can lose all control of the vehicle and cause an accident. Thus, examining tire depth or tire tread is super essential for vehicle owners. If you want to safely get from point a to point b, please understand what tire tread is and how to measure it.


The depth of the tire is called tread, and having enough tread will allow you to brake properly in any conditions, dry, rain, or now. Your tires must have adequate tread to attain proper contact and friction on the road.


It is vital to know what the standard is for tire tread depth in your country. For instance, in the United States, the measurement of tire treads should be between 9/32-inch and 11/32-inch when brand new. It is recommended that vehicle owners replace their tires once the tread is at or around 2/32-inch depth. In fact, anything less than 2/32-inch is considered illegal in most states, including North Carolina. Less than this measurement would be putting yourself and other passengers in excessive danger.


What Can Cause Your Tires to Wear Down Fast?

  • One of the most apparent problems that can wear down your tires fast would be an imbalance of air in the wheels. It is best to fill up your tires with an even amount of air and regularly check the air pressure in the tires. 
  • Another factor relating to the wear and tear on the tires would be poor wheel alignment. In other words, if your vehicle's wheel rotation has not been balanced equally, it is one of the fastest ways your tires could wear down. Make sure your wheel alignments are done by certified automotive professionals that you can trust.
  • Worn-out shock absorbers and other suspension parts are also a contributor to premature tire wear. Please make sure you get these repairs or replacements done in a timely manner to avoid excessive tire wear.

Even though you might be tempted to put off a costly fix, it's better to resolve them early on to avoid more expensive and extensive repairs later. For dependable tire-related services, including tire purchases, please look no further than STR Automotive.   

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