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Top 5 Summer Maintenance Tasks Every Car Owner Should Know

Top 5 Summer Maintenance Tasks Every Car Owner Should Know in Mooresville, NC | STR Automotive

It's essential to ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition during the summer. You can increase your vehicle's longevity and safety through regular maintenance. This greatly contributes to a comfortable experience when driving. Here are the top five summer maintenance tasks that every car owner should know:

1. Check the Cooling System

The cooling system is vital in preventing overheating during hot weather conditions. Start by inspecting coolant levels and topping up if necessary. It's essential to use the correct type of coolant recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. Additionally, check for any signs of leaks or cracks in hoses, belts, or radiator caps.

2. Inspect and Maintain Tires

Hot pavement can cause tire pressure to rise rapidly, leading to blowouts or reduced traction on the road. Ensure you regularly check tire pressure using a reliable gauge according to manufacturer specifications when tires are cool (before driving). Check tread depth also; bald tires can be hazardous on wet surfaces.

3. Test Your Battery

Summer heat can interfere with your car battery's performance. Before going on long drives or road trips, test your battery at an auto repair shop to ensure its capacity is within acceptable limits for optimum performance.

4. Replace Worn Out Windshield Wipers

Clear visibility is essential while driving under intense sunlight or heavy rainstorms common during summers — worn-out windshield wipers won't do you any good. Inspect wiper blades for cracks, tears, or uneven wear patterns caused by winter conditions and replace them if needed.

5. Clean and Protect Your Vehicle's Exterior

During summertime, harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your vehicle's paintwork over time if left unprotected - regular washing helps avoid this issue. Applying a good quality wax or sealant also protects against sun damage and maintains the shine.

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