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What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

Your transmission is accountable for carrying the power generated by the engine to the car's wheels. Similar to motor oil for your motor, transmission liquid is utilized to keep the transmission system components cool and lubricated so that parts don't interfere with one another and cause internal damage. Without a sufficient amount of transmission fluid, you could experience complete failure of the transmission.


Transmission fluid is a pinky-red solution that flows through a passage from the impeller to the turbine. It's designed to do several things concurrently when the car is both on and off:

  • Enables the engine to shift gears
  • Provides hydraulic pressure
  • Oils the parts
  • Acts as a layer between moving components
  • Allows engagement of the clutch
  • Prevents premature wear, rust, and corrosion

If you put extra tension on the transmission, the hotter in temperature, the transmission will become. Arguably, the most crucial role of transmission fluid is to transfer heat out of the system


What Causes Transmission Fluid to Go Bad?

Excess is the top cause that breaks down transmission fluid over time. Once the fluid can no longer dissipate the heat and do its other functions, your transmission can take on extensive damage. Aged fluid can also cause the gears and other moving pieces to collect more debris. The build-up of this gunk can worsen the quality of transmission fluid and even make it burn. 


Besides contaminated or poor quality fluid, running on too little of the fluid is another widespread issue that can lead to damage. When transmission fluid levels are low, you should simply top it off with more liquid.


If your car needs a transmission fluid exchange (or flush), reach out to STR Automotive soon. Our technicians have a wide range of skills working with various vehicle makes and models. We invite you to give us a call or visit today.

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