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What Is Engine Coolant?

Coolant is a fluid that is used to prevent your engine from overheating. It is a mixture of water and antifreeze, which contains the chemical additives needed to cool your engine. This fluid is a vital part of your car’s cooling system alongside the radiator, thermostat, and water pump.


As you run your car over time, coolant loses its effectiveness, which can put your engine at risk of overheating. Old, contaminated fluid can also cause corrosion and excessive wear on the rest of the system. Consequently, you will need a coolant change or flush to replace the old coolant with new fluid.


If you wait too long to change out your engine coolant, it can lead to breakdowns and improper engine cooling. Most auto manufacturers recommend changing coolant every 30,000 miles or so. It is always safe to check your owner’s manual for the proper intervals. Another way to tell whether you’re due for a coolant service is by looking for warning signs.

Signs You Need a Coolant Flush

  • Hot temperature gauge reading
  • Coolant leak puddles under vehicle
  • Rust in the liquid
  • Grinding noises coming from under the hood
  • Sweet syrupy smell

If you are contemplating skipping a coolant or radiator flush, don’t. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a cooling system and engine troubles. For reliable cooling system service and repairs, look no further than the experts at STR Automotive.

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