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When Should I Replace My Vehicle's Timing Belt?

If you want to prepare for your vehicle's upcoming services, the timing belt should be on your list. Over many miles of wear, your car will inevitably require a new timing belt. To avoid damages, drivers must replace this rubbery component before it breaks. Here's how to figure out the best time to replace your timing belt.


What Does the Timing Belt Do

In order to understand the timeline, you must know what the timing belt does. This vital engine component has grooves that ensure the camshaft and crankshaft move in sync. In other words, it guarantees that the valves open and close at the right time for smooth engine operation.


When to Replace the Timing Belt

The ribbing on the timing belt keeps your engine parts moving at the right pace. However, with years of wear, the teething will wear out. Automakers know this, which is why you can find more information regarding its replacement in the owner's handbook. Ideally, it would help to replace the belt before it is overly worn or breaks. Because if it breaks, your engine will have huge problems and require significant repairs. 

The owner's manual will have an estimated time frame of when you should replace your timing belt based on your vehicle's make/model. While the manual is a good starting place, you can always ask your trusted technician to inspect your belt at your oil changes so that you can plan for its replacement.


Timing Belt Replacement in Mooresville, NC

We invite you to our auto repair shop if you have any questions or concerns regarding your timing belt. Our trained technicians will ensure your engine components, including the belt, are always performing at their best. For quality timing belt replacements, please call or visit STR Automotive today.

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