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What You Need to Know About R-1234yf Refrigerant

One thing that is ever changing, is technology in cars. Manufacturers are constantly developing ways to improve the driver’s comfort, entertainment, and safety. Along with new features for the comfort of drivers and passengers, there’s also emerging technology going on under the hood. With the advent of the internal computer, cars are better than ever, and they continue to improve. The most recent development includes the advancing technology of car air conditioning systems and a new kind of refrigerant. This new refrigerant is said to help improve fuel efficiency while also greatly reducing the harmful effects placed on the environment. Here’s what’s changing, what you need to know, and who can help when your air conditioner needs service. Through the Years In the 1930’s through the early ‘90’s FREON, also known as R12, was used in all vehicle air conditioning systems. By the mid 90’s R12 was phased out and replaced by 134a refrigerant ... read more

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